Holloways of Ludlow

Our Services

Full construction serviceOur Services

Carrying out high quality building works throughout London.

Smaller works service eg kitchen extensions

We have the added advantage of being able to take on projects that many professional construction companies would see as being too small. As a result of the way we have developed the company we are able to offer the same level of professional support and project management usually deemed as only affordable and cost effective on much larger projects.

Project management/programming

Managing the construction element of a project both as regards to timings and tracking the clients costs and expenditure allowing reassurance and control throughout.

Turn key projects

A highly versatile approach, this service allows high quality design professionals to work hand in hand with the experienced construction team from the outset to deliver a project tailored towards your budget and managed from inception to hand over of the completed project.

Bespoke maintenance and handyman service

On going maintenance for all Holloways of Ludlow building clients is an important part of our service. Most of our clients that have used us to renovate their entire house receive a complimentary maintenance service for a year after moving back in and afterwards we are always there to support with anything from regular checking of smoke alarms, to clearing the gutters or just hanging pictures.