Holloways of Ludlow

Our Approach

Our Approach

We are a small enough company to ensure that we can deliver the type of personal level of service that is so important, with the Directors still involved in some way in most of the projects, but large enough and experienced enough to have the systems, people and financial stability required to provide the reassurance so often lacking in the building industry.

Most of our clients are leading busy lives and they expect us to deliver high standards of quality and workmanship but they also appreciate our commitment to ensuring that they can trust us to deliver the project that meets their expectations. Every project is overseen by one of our project managers who will be wholly involved with the team on site to ensure that timelines are met and as well as weekly site meetings they are in regular email contact with clients to update on progress.

The ethos of our company embraces the fact that no matter how well projects are planned, the nature of the work that we are doing and the collaborative process we go through with many of our clients means that we need to be flexible and deal with challenges that will come along from time to time. As a team these challenges are overcome by using their experience to come up with creative solutions and proposals that still fit within the budgetry and practical parameters of the job.

If you would like to see testimonials from current or past clients so you can find out more about how we work please email [email protected].